Standing On Your Own

Sometimes standing on your own can make you feel so small in a very large world.

Decades ago I adopted a lifestyle designed to support and maintain wellness. Nutritionally, what I put into my body and what I placed on my body made me an outsider.
I formed Imani’s Secret Garden to build a community of support for standing against the grain of processed “everything.”
The earth provides naturally for our wellness.
Using essential oils as opposed to chemicals made to treat disease, or botanicals for skin moisturizing makes some stand out in their decision-making.  Using butters for skin care, aromatherapy for the mind are meant to encourage a healthier approach to living. Being a part of a community that thrives on health and wellness mentally, physically, and spiritually reduces the feeling of isolation. Visit our online store to join our community! You can find us at:
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We are a natural product company. Our goals are to promote total wellness using the earth through nutrition, healthy lifestyles, and beauty from botanical based products.

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