Peppermint For The Day Keeps The Pests Away

The summertime is filled with great fun. Increased outdoor time. BBQ’s, pool parties, along with beach time, and MOSQUITOES! One of these events is NOT a fun experience. Mosquito bites can make the most fun activity stressful and just down right annoying. Relax, Imani’s Secret Garden to the rescue. Mosquitoes, mice, and other flying pest absolutely hate peppermint!

Take note with the following with other natural oils on the warfare again these disease and pet endangering pests. Their pesky deeds include everything from limiting the outdoor time we enjoy uninterrupted, by ruining a perfect outdoor event with days of itching welts remaining long after the encounter.
Your arsenal:
Citronella Grass
Peppermint (repels mice also, their sense of smell is bothered by the menthol) mosquitoes are deterred too.
Eucalyptus eucalyptus oil is a great natural bug spray. Not only will it keep the mosquitoes away but the no-see-ums too.
Lemon Grass- What a wonderful lemony smell, and also repels mosquitoes.
Rosemary- is also refined and used commercially in concentrate as a mosquito spray and will kill mosquitoes on contact.  Rosemary oil in concentrate is one of the active ingredients in our 100% Simply Organic spray we use to kill ticks and mosquitoes.
All essential oils mentioned above are available and are sold online at Imani’s Secret Garden. Go to our on line store: 
Take back the outdoor summer fun!



Glad To See You Again!

When I began Imani’s Secret Garden over three decades ago my goal was to create an experience that people would get used to and want again. I did then as I do now, keeping my product and information easily accessible to those interested in living a healthier existence. Maintaining a fair price with exceptional quality is key to seeing my customers again.

I was one of the first vendors to create a brochure, with information on nutrition, and health benefits of essential oils, and natural products. I like other vendors, sold a similar product. But soon the quality of my products although sometimes not the least expensive in comparison was of better quality and always available. My customers began to come to my store where ever I was because they knew the quality they could expect.
I am pleased to say that all these years later customers still call me to order products from our store. The addition of online ordering just makes the experience of continuing to provide products wanted and needed no matter the distance even sweeter. When we set up and see customers following our facebook ( posts, returning with their business is such an honor!  Some bring friends, or purchase for friends. We sincerely thank you, and we are always glad to see you again.
Please visit our online store , email us or call if there is something in the garden you need. Thank you also for your trust in us because our business is truly your pleasure.


Lotions, Ointments And Creams Oh My!

What are the differences between lotions, ointments and creams? Confusing isn’t it? The answer: it is the proportion of lipid (oil) to water. The lipid content is lowest in lotions, intermediate in creams and highest in ointments, balms and butters. As a general rule the higher the lipid content, the greasier and stickier it feels and the shinier it looks on the skin. An added bonus, the greasier and thick the emollient, the better and longer it works but requires effort to apply. Ointments/butters, creams and lotion can be used to deliver medication topically (applying on skin) to effected areas or for daily use too!

Familiar examples of high content emollients (moisturizers) are Cocoa butter, Shea butter, Mango butter, and Brazilian Nut butter all found in Imani’s Secret Garden. Matcha Green Tea Butter and Lemon butter are thinner butters closer to silken consistency.  Imani’s 4 in 1 contain a mixture of several butters and natural oils for a perfect mix between natural butter and a high lipid content lotion without additives or water.  
Emollients are called moisturizers. Lotions, creams, ointments and bath/shower additives oil the skin to keep it supple and moist. Regular use of emollients is the most important part of the day-to-day skin care for people with eczema. If you have eczema, you should keep applying emollients every day, even when you do not have any areas of inflamed skin. The prevention of skin dryness can help to prevent eczema flare ups; by preventing the skin from becoming inflamed from a chronic dry state. Daily application of emollients helps in controlling balance in general skin moisture, minimizing the effects of aging or dry chapped skin  helping skin to appear healthier and more youthful from head to toe.
How do I choose?
Here are some general rules to consider:
Mild Skin Dryness
The type to use depends on the dryness of your skin, the area of skin involved and your preference. If you only have mild skin dryness and flare-ups of eczema do not happen often, then a lotion or cream may be a good choice for you. (Try Imani’s 4 in 1, or Matcha Green Tea Butter, Lemon Butter)
Moderate Skin Dryness
With moderate-to-severe dryness a thicker cream or butter is usually best. Creams are less messy but need to be put on more often than butters. (Try Imani’s 4 in 1, Mango Butter, Shea Butter, and Brazilian Nut Butter)
Varied Skin types and other areas
Hairy skin-lotion is often best for areas of hairy skin
Oily skin requires less emollient, thinner lighter formula
Broken or inflamed skin
Areas, if weeping like with eczema flares, a cream or lotion is usually best as ointments will tend to be very messy. (Check with your health adviser to ensure no infection is present and for suggestions and treatment.)
How do I use?
Keeping your product clean and free of debris is important to prevent contamination and potential infection. Thoroughly washing hands prior to or using a clean spoon or spatula to remove butters from jars and apply to clean skin is a habit to practice. You cannot overdose as emollients do not contain active medicines which pass through the skin.
  •   Many people mix and match different moisturizing types to suit their   needs and daily routine.
  •  Emollients should be applied by smoothing them into clean skin along the line of hair growth, rather than rubbing them in.
  • Sensitivity develops based on preservatives in moisturizers, i.e. fragrances and additives.
  • Apply moisture to the washed areas as soon as possible afterwards in addition to any other times that you use emollients.
  • Apply as often as needed to keep the skin supple and moist. This varies from person to person and from time to time in the same person, depending on how bad the skin dryness has become.
  • A good starting point is to apply 2-3 times a day but some people need to increase this to up to every hour if the skin is very dry.
  •  As a rule, butters/ointments need to be applied less often than creams or lotions for the same effect.

The Side Effects Can Be Deadly…

Remember the 2013 thriller Side Effects, directed by Steven Soderbergh? In the film a main character commits a murder under the influence of a prescribed mood stabilizer called an antidepressant. The actions are blamed as a side effect from the medication. Although the plot later reveals the extreme actions were feigned side effects the fact remains side effects can be deadly.

Exactly what are side effects? The answer is any reaction to a medication taken internally or used externally. They maybe an allergic reaction, or undesired consequences up to death. All drugs in the market place go through a vetting process called trials. Once the drug is determined to be effective against a disease through use with animals then humans the FDA provides approval.  The true test of a new medication can only be completely known once approved. Multiple groups of the population have various reactions developing the blueprints for expected side effects.

Even an over the counter medication like aspirin can cause side effects. The most common side effects of oral meds are stomach upset. External  use and internally  ingested medications can also cause rashes. Still others include drowsiness to the more serious side effect of death. One might wonder, “should I really take a substance that has the effect of making me more acutely ill?”

The drug approval process is predicated on the benefit outweighing the risk. Well let’s see… the chance of my early demise pales in comparison to any benefit gained from a prescribed drug for me. How does one stay healthy and avoid side effects? The answer for me is described as alternative medicine. Essential oils are from botanical (plant life) origins, distilled, mainly as the method of extraction of the essence of the plant. Oddly these are the same source as medications in the initial phase of manufacturing.

My choice to adopt a lifestyle incorporating natural substances directly from the earth as a preferred method of wellness affords me the ability to avoid side effects associated with manufactured pharmaceuticals.  Pills often contain fillers, and other chemical compounds minimizing the original botanical. The additional additives also increase the likelihood of allergic reactions to the drug. In contrast the most reported reaction to essential oils are minimal as skin irritation at the topical site of application.  I certainly can live with that. The delivery methods are aroma therapy of the botanical essence via a diffuser  for treatment of various conditions and related symptom control. Topical application is an additional method and can result in local skin irritation at site of application. These methods seem the more desirable if there exists a choice in the matter of treatment methods.

Essential oils harness the therapeutic essence of the botanical of their origin. Plants are potent and should be used under the supervision of a qualified aroma therapist in treating disease. The earth has all that we need. It is necessary to educate ourselves of all options for wellness. Make learning and wellness a lifetime endeavor.