Peppermint For The Day Keeps The Pests Away

The summertime is filled with great fun. Increased outdoor time. BBQ’s, pool parties, along with beach time, and MOSQUITOES! One of these events is NOT a fun experience. Mosquito bites can make the most fun activity stressful and just down right annoying. Relax, Imani’s Secret Garden to the rescue. Mosquitoes, mice, and other flying pest absolutely hate peppermint!

Take note with the following with other natural oils on the warfare again these disease and pet endangering pests. Their pesky deeds include everything from limiting the outdoor time we enjoy uninterrupted, by ruining a perfect outdoor event with days of itching welts remaining long after the encounter.
Your arsenal:
Citronella Grass
Peppermint (repels mice also, their sense of smell is bothered by the menthol) mosquitoes are deterred too.
Eucalyptus eucalyptus oil is a great natural bug spray. Not only will it keep the mosquitoes away but the no-see-ums too.
Lemon Grass- What a wonderful lemony smell, and also repels mosquitoes.
Rosemary- is also refined and used commercially in concentrate as a mosquito spray and will kill mosquitoes on contact.  Rosemary oil in concentrate is one of the active ingredients in our 100% Simply Organic spray we use to kill ticks and mosquitoes.
All essential oils mentioned above are available and are sold online at Imani’s Secret Garden. Go to our on line store: 
Take back the outdoor summer fun!



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