Before Yesterday Becomes Today…

Before Yesterday Becomes Today…We spend loads of time reading and researching new ways to be healthy. The intent seems to be in extending life with preserving a high quality existence. Essential oils, nutritional choices as the Paleo diet, vegetarianism, pescatarianism and yet many other methods we implement to preserve our good health. Is it enough?

What happens when despite our best efforts disease strikes? We question the betrayal of our bodies or the effectiveness of our methodology. Diabetes, cardiovascular disease,  and dementia are said to be hereditary. Are they really?

Environmental exposures to heavy metals is shown to cause cognitive decline in recent scientific studies by damaging brain cells. Current strategies used to detoxify patients are showing promise in treating Alzheimer’s disease, along with other dementias. Poor diet and obesity are known contributory factors to heart disease and diabetes. Correcting nutrition as a preventative action for both conditions and treatment for overall wellness is a newer practice.

What happens when despite our best efforts disease invades our lives and attempts to rob us of our future? Getting older increases the chances of developing fragility and loss of normal body functioning. Dementia is one of the most devastating conditions. Most of its victims are lost in the past, along with collateral damage to spouses, children, income, hopes and dreams.

As a primary caregiver to a parent with a cognitive decline, it is common to experience isolation and hopelessness. The thought of losing a loved one is unimaginable. To have a loved one that remains physically alive but cognitively impaired enduring brief windows of their former self requires a great capacity of hope, love, patience, planning, flexibility and selflessness.

Think of parenting your children, limit setting, safeguards in your home. Imagine your parent calling you dad or mom. To them and you time goes into reverse. As I think about this situation it strikes me as ironic that not only is time reverting cognitively for loved ones with this condition, but so does life. The smaller the social circle, and support system progress becomes regression.

Think about families with best made plans to retire. Selling your home and retiring somewhere warm and sunny. College funding for adult children along with retirement investing for maintaining your relaxed lifestyle. Without proper estate planning dementia related conditions can halt these strategies. The need for constant supervision, in-home or institutionalization can deplete any budget.

Stress is the number one factor in disease. The stress of losing independence coupled with the caregiving tasks that increase as conditions worsen risk the overall well-being of all concerned. Plan now for methods of spiritual wellbeing. Burning, diffusing essential oils like lavender, frankincense, eucalyptus, peppermint, orange or other relaxation inducing oils can restore balance and reduce stress. Exercising can help both de-escalate stress, mentally and physically. Create new memories as personality and behaviors change. Take care of both of you, by maintaining balance with baths using bath crystals with dead sea salts, infused with or without essential oils for aromatic therapy designed for mental and physical release and relaxation. Seek out wellness treatment plans with natural remedies for sleep, reduction of anxiety.

Think of the experience this way, we now have a chance to have a do over as yesterday is becoming today, but this time we are prepared.

Dedicated to all families surviving daily with dementia….

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Before There Were Pills

Dis-ease has always been present since the existence of mankind,but pills have not. How was illness treated during the pre-pill era?

I have always turned to nature to help treat illness. My children looked at pill forms of medication as a foreign concept. When a family member was confronted with seizures I discovered that meditation and the addition of blueberries to their meal plan kept seizure activity absent. That was the most profound example that encouraged me that my method of wellness was the path for me. As I c ontinued to educate myself I discovered interestingly most indigious cultures used plant based cures prior to the adaption of manufactured pharmaceuticals. Shaman burned herbs, and used leaves with other botanicals that contain particular essences  to induce trances for the purpose of healing. Potions, poultices and ointments all remedies predating pills and medicinal ointments.  The use of plants to treat disease is based and supported by the  belief that health was maintained and restored through keeping in balance with nature (earth). This belief system and practice recognizes aspects of the natural world (nature) that cannot be seen by the naked eye or by technology (modern imaging, i.e. xrays, ultrasounds etc.), but which can be experienced directly and intuitively. This sets the stage for understanding holistic treatment and how essential oils are a health benefit on mulitiple modalities of  healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Oils are not only applied topically but are inhaled by use of a diffuser inducing altered mental states as effects of relaxation on both the physical and spiritual planes.  Other cultures adapted the practice of counteractive medical treatment. This too being based on internal and external imbalance as the diagnostic tool for identifying disease. This methodology operated on cause and effect of function of organs and related body systems, and mirrors illness and treatment of modern medicine more closely.

With the emergence of interest of both lay persons and the medical community of the benefits of essential oils realizes the conceptual practices of holistic healing of indigenous cultures many years predating our current society. I welcome the return of  balance.