Are Essential Oils Really Drugs?

To some of us seeking natural solutions to maintaining health includes herbs, essential oils, and nutritional changes. Oils are used to maintain balance with the immune system, and sometimes to relieve chronic ailment related symptoms. In recent years governmental agencies have began to pay attention to claims reported from essential oil users and naturopathic medicine in general.

With the rise in medical cost many families are being forced to live without coverage is causing many in society to look at alternate remedies to treating illnesses.

In the current climate good health is vital as societal stress is escalating, financial pressures mounting causing “dis-ease” the basis of health imbalance and sickness.

Soo, how exactly do these oils work? Good question! Aroma therapy, topical application, ingesting are the most common methods of delivery. The olfactory (smell center) system triggers the limbic system ( involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory) which in turn controls involuntary body systems.

Depression, anxiety, and related gastrointestinal complaints all have been reported to respond to lavender when diffused or burned in environment, or worn on clothing or placed on bed linens. roman chamomile also helps with restful sleep, muscular pain relief.

Image the shift in the financial burden of prescriptions with educated use of essential oils. Can’t think of reading anyone overdosing on a essential oil. Wellness is about personal accountability. Being aware of one’s personal history and how natural elements can maintain and balance wellness. Be Well!



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