Here we go… What does the word notorious, you know the word up there ^, conjure up in your psyche’?

For me phrases like, “she/he is notorious for doing….they are notoriously coming up ….all negative. I had to challenge myself to re-acquaint ‘me’ with the word in the positive.  The definition of the word  is, ‘generally known and talked of’. What causes a person or circumstance to fit this conundrum? I use that word because you have to perform some pretty amazing feats of behavior to be well-known for it AND widely talked about. Clearly, problematic or inflammatory in some sort of fashion.

Well I would like to be well-known as humorous, tall thin, good-looking! Maybe a great cook, or gardener that is good looking, tall and thin. How about an excellent writer/blogger that is tall, thin, execellent cook, humorous and really really good looking?

I see a theme emerging. The really good-looking part? No, too obvious. More like the humorous wannabe I am too striving for. To be well-known as a person quick to talk about humor, joys of life would be a great rep I’d gladly cop. Hmm this word has all types of shady adjectives (smiling to myself) conflicting with my attempt to convey my new association with Notoriousness as  becoming positive. I bet when you saw the word you thought of gangsters and all that is associated with them.  Descriptive words like cop, rep solidify this ideal. This may prove to be more difficult than first imagined.

I may have to settle for a blog that becomes notoriously negative on attempting to be positively notorious.

Signed by our ghost writer for Imani’s Secret Garden, VG. ISG is a business committed to life, love, and wellness ( ). Our ghost writer hopes you had a great laugh and that they will become what they dream of….















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