Are Essential Oils Really Drugs?

To some of us seeking natural solutions to maintaining health includes herbs, essential oils, and nutritional changes. Oils are used to maintain balance with the immune system, and sometimes to relieve chronic ailment related symptoms. In recent years governmental agencies have began to pay attention to claims reported from essential oil users and naturopathic medicine in general.

With the rise in medical cost many families are being forced to live without coverage is causing many in society to look at alternate remedies to treating illnesses.

In the current climate good health is vital as societal stress is escalating, financial pressures mounting causing “dis-ease” the basis of health imbalance and sickness.

Soo, how exactly do these oils work? Good question! Aroma therapy, topical application, ingesting are the most common methods of delivery. The olfactory (smell center) system triggers the limbic system ( involved in motivation, emotion, learning, and memory) which in turn controls involuntary body systems.

Depression, anxiety, and related gastrointestinal complaints all have been reported to respond to lavender when diffused or burned in environment, or worn on clothing or placed on bed linens. roman chamomile also helps with restful sleep, muscular pain relief.

Image the shift in the financial burden of prescriptions with educated use of essential oils. Can’t think of reading anyone overdosing on a essential oil. Wellness is about personal accountability. Being aware of one’s personal history and how natural elements can maintain and balance wellness. Be Well!



Before There Were Pills

Dis-ease has always been present since the existence of mankind,but pills have not. How was illness treated during the pre-pill era?

I have always turned to nature to help treat illness. My children looked at pill forms of medication as a foreign concept. When a family member was confronted with seizures I discovered that meditation and the addition of blueberries to their meal plan kept seizure activity absent. That was the most profound example that encouraged me that my method of wellness was the path for me. As I c ontinued to educate myself I discovered interestingly most indigious cultures used plant based cures prior to the adaption of manufactured pharmaceuticals. Shaman burned herbs, and used leaves with other botanicals that contain particular essences  to induce trances for the purpose of healing. Potions, poultices and ointments all remedies predating pills and medicinal ointments.  The use of plants to treat disease is based and supported by the  belief that health was maintained and restored through keeping in balance with nature (earth). This belief system and practice recognizes aspects of the natural world (nature) that cannot be seen by the naked eye or by technology (modern imaging, i.e. xrays, ultrasounds etc.), but which can be experienced directly and intuitively. This sets the stage for understanding holistic treatment and how essential oils are a health benefit on mulitiple modalities of  healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Oils are not only applied topically but are inhaled by use of a diffuser inducing altered mental states as effects of relaxation on both the physical and spiritual planes.  Other cultures adapted the practice of counteractive medical treatment. This too being based on internal and external imbalance as the diagnostic tool for identifying disease. This methodology operated on cause and effect of function of organs and related body systems, and mirrors illness and treatment of modern medicine more closely.

With the emergence of interest of both lay persons and the medical community of the benefits of essential oils realizes the conceptual practices of holistic healing of indigenous cultures many years predating our current society. I welcome the return of  balance.



Peppermint For The Day Keeps The Pests Away

The summertime is filled with great fun. Increased outdoor time. BBQ’s, pool parties, along with beach time, and MOSQUITOES! One of these events is NOT a fun experience. Mosquito bites can make the most fun activity stressful and just down right annoying. Relax, Imani’s Secret Garden to the rescue. Mosquitoes, mice, and other flying pest absolutely hate peppermint!

Take note with the following with other natural oils on the warfare again these disease and pet endangering pests. Their pesky deeds include everything from limiting the outdoor time we enjoy uninterrupted, by ruining a perfect outdoor event with days of itching welts remaining long after the encounter.
Your arsenal:
Citronella Grass
Peppermint (repels mice also, their sense of smell is bothered by the menthol) mosquitoes are deterred too.
Eucalyptus eucalyptus oil is a great natural bug spray. Not only will it keep the mosquitoes away but the no-see-ums too.
Lemon Grass- What a wonderful lemony smell, and also repels mosquitoes.
Rosemary- is also refined and used commercially in concentrate as a mosquito spray and will kill mosquitoes on contact.  Rosemary oil in concentrate is one of the active ingredients in our 100% Simply Organic spray we use to kill ticks and mosquitoes.
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Take back the outdoor summer fun!


Glad To See You Again!

When I began Imani’s Secret Garden over three decades ago my goal was to create an experience that people would get used to and want again. I did then as I do now, keeping my product and information easily accessible to those interested in living a healthier existence. Maintaining a fair price with exceptional quality is key to seeing my customers again.

I was one of the first vendors to create a brochure, with information on nutrition, and health benefits of essential oils, and natural products. I like other vendors, sold a similar product. But soon the quality of my products although sometimes not the least expensive in comparison was of better quality and always available. My customers began to come to my store where ever I was because they knew the quality they could expect.
I am pleased to say that all these years later customers still call me to order products from our store. The addition of online ordering just makes the experience of continuing to provide products wanted and needed no matter the distance even sweeter. When we set up and see customers following our facebook ( posts, returning with their business is such an honor!  Some bring friends, or purchase for friends. We sincerely thank you, and we are always glad to see you again.
Please visit our online store , email us or call if there is something in the garden you need. Thank you also for your trust in us because our business is truly your pleasure.


Are Body Oil Fragrance Types Fake Perfume

Fewer beauty products have received the stigma attached to essential, or fragrant body oils.Those new to this product know little about the value, origin or potential health and economic benefit they bring. After thirty some years of enjoying these benefits I would like to share a few with you today hopefully dissuading your negative image of this wonderful product. Some of the myths are:
You can tell a fake oil because all real oils are thick, true or false?
False. Thickness or thinness has absolutely nothing to do with oil quality or scent intensity. For example, Egyptian Musk is traditionally a thick oil, but has a very mild fragrance. Sudanese Coconut has a very thin consistency, but also has an extremely strong fragrance. Temperature effects the consistency of oil also, along with light. Oil has a longer shelf life without alcohol or other additives.
Perfume oils are better than body oils or fragrance types and cost more for this reason, true or false?
False. These are different names for the same products. The cost  of oils are variable based on the retailer and “grade” of the oil. There are two types of oil, one to be used on the body, and the other for making products. Generally the grade is of less quality for the oils used specifically in making other products.  Retailers pricing ranges are based on packaging and quality with averages of $4.00 for a dram and higher.
Body Oils are fake perfume, true or false?
False. Body oils at Imani’s Secret Garden are for use on the skin and of the highest quality. We do not cut or dilute our oils. Our oils are as manufactured with perfume oil placed in a carrier oil. Perfume or cologne is the perfumed oil at 10%-20% plus alcohol. Body oils are the perfumed oil without the alcohol or other fillers. Nature cannot be patented, so the mixture of florals, spices to make a scent is still original and not a fake or knock off. The packaging and brand are the trademark, and for this reason oils modeled after these items are described as types. See our website at for further information on type definition.
Why should I buy body oil instead of perfume?
Perfume, cologne and body oils are used for the same purpose, to enhance our lives with natures bounty. Whether your fragrance type is floral earthy, spicy, or exotic the earth provides the origin of your preference. Body oils have longer staying power as they are the beginning of the fragrance manufacturing. The carrier oil provides staying power past the end notes of alcohol based perfumed, not due to lack in quality but the composition, simply alcohol evaporates taking the fragrance with it, oils do not. Oils are in place in your skin pores until rubbed away, at a fraction of the cost.
Well what do you think? Quality, staying power and economically beneficial are all experiences those of us using oils as fragrance have enjoyed. Come join us, shop online: The “s” means secure, we do not sell or maintain your credit information. We do enjoy the welcomed emails of satisfaction our services provide. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you feel about us and our products!

We Mix Like Oil & Water

Hmm after a few decades of life I can think of a few instances where that statement holds true. But we are going to focus on oil…something I know a little about.

Ever put oil in a container where water is present? Notice how the oil segregates itself in individual little balls? Shaking the liquids violently fuses them or makes the separation appear gone but they never really mix totally.
I bet you are asking, “how does using essential oils in bathing work?” I am glad you asked. Taking only a few drops of oil mixed with a dispersing agent, like milk, Epsom salt, and a fine grain  salt called dendritic as a few examples allows you to reap the benefits of essential oil fragrance baths.
These agents distribute the oil over wider area and help minimize the chances of stinging sensitive areas. The agents absorb the oils and based on particle size dissolve in the water releasing the fragrance and healing property of the oils one molecule at a time!
There are other agents like baking soda, dead sea salts can also be customized with oils.
Now that you know how it works visit our online store, we have bath crystals both coarse and fine, dead sea mixtures, body scrubs with rose oil, lavender oil,and of course essential and fragrance designer oils over 400 different varieties, see you soon!
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