You Have Cancer…How Did That Happen?

cancer picThe cancer statistics are staggering, 1,735,350 new cases will be diagnosed in 2018 with nearly fifty percent not surviving, crossing all socio-economic levels, ethnicities, age groups, health statuses for all different types of cancer. There exist blood cancers, solid tumors, skin, bone, major organs, body systems with treatment plans emerging to target just the disease and spare the body the injury indiscriminate chemotherapy can cause as the crown jewel treatment plan of attacking cancer cells for the last fifty years.

So you are going about your life and your doctor tells you, “you have cancer,” what the..? How can that be? I am a vegetarian, vegan, never smoked, drank, exercised, I am a professional heptathlon, a ten-year old, an infant, I meditate, supplement, read, subscribe to any healthy, holistic lifestyle necessary to avoid this disease. Was it something I did, didn’t do, or missed? How did I bring this on myself?

These are the million dollar questions. Cancer is defined in some instances as an autoimmune disease. Oversimplified, your body goes into automatic immune system destruction, it begins to destroy itself from within. It is interesting to note that science has proven we all make cancer cells every day, but while the immune system is in balance they do not go into overdrive and cause illness. Some extrinsic factors do cause disease such as diet, heredity, environmental toxins, along with exposures to carcinogens through occupations, processed food items; at a basic level there is always a root cause and deterrent.

The thing to notice is we all have knowledge of our body, stress is a health killer we have often heard. The immune system is susceptible to stress meaning its effectiveness drops when we are under constant unrelieved stress. Just imagine if it is that simple.

For instance in some blood cancers, the cells (white blood cells) that normally kill antigens that endanger the body contracting infection and inflammation turn on the body and overgrow in the bone marrow  crowding out red blood cells, causing other symptoms like, shortness of breath, heart issues, kidney failure, liver failure and even death. Solid tumors have genetic or hereditary markers, but too have triggers related to what are unknown causes.

The good news is there are natural remedies, foods, herbal formulations that balance the body. Knowledge of what to do in each individual case is your responsibility. It was amazing to learn from clinical research that turmeric (curcumin*) is said to helps to balance liver function for chemotherapy patients and making some cancers more susceptible to chemotherapuetic agents while protecting healthy cells, sparing further damage to the recipient’s body aiding in recovery as they strive to return their bodies to wellness. Beets are a miracle plant, helping with red blood cell production, immune system fortification and so many other natural benefits. Spurillinia has been connected to research designed to kill leukemia cells successfully on contact, along brazilian wasp venom reported killing cancer cells on contact, black seed oil is touted to kill every thing including death. With so many options what path should you take?

So when we hear we have cancer we begin the google search, reading plant-based diet cure, others vow never to use chemo, factoids emerge oxygen rich blood and alkaline blood prevents cancer yet we do this and some of us still succumb. The answer seems to be in knowing the connection between the mind and body, in essence balance between peace and dis-ease. There seems to be no universal answer to this epidemic or is there?

Reference: *Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 2016, 16, 128-135


The Art Of Letting Go…

dog in suitcaseWho of us have never gone through the experience of making major changes in our life? There are the many fears and doubts, along with questions like how, what, why now, is it the right time? 

Change is a constant in life, we develop physically early on from a very miniscule cell into various sizes and shapes as a human being. Our psyche develops into a personality filled with likes, dislikes and beliefs. It is often the belief system that causes us to limit how we accept change and any different circumstances necessary in our life for progression.

Is there really a formula for letting go and accepting new things? Sure is! And yes I am going to share them with you briefly. Whether it is a new job, relationship end, or departure of a loved one remembering the stages of letting go can help you move forward.

The thought of my adult son growing up and moving away to start his life presented mixed emotions. I have read about empty nesters and the “parties” they threw in celebration of adult children leaving home for the final time. They revel in the celebration of no more college payments, their auto insurance premiums returning to the earth’s atmosphere and you actually get to shut down the laundry service you have operated for umpteen years! When the day came I found myself sad, avoiding the thought and the ever present thought am I ready to let go?

So where do we begin? The list below is the formula:

  1.  First you decide it is time to start a new.
  2. Acceptance and acknowledging any discomfort changes will cause
  3. Don’t be a “blamer” it clouds your judgement and keeps you stuck
  4. Don’t hide from life
  5. Focus on the present look for joy in life
  6. Forgive yourself

The art of letting go is achieved through the practice of prescribed thoughts and behaviors  until becoming an acquired skill for use over and over again in life events. Maintaining spiritual balance and belief in positivity once the six stages are complete is the daily affirmation that change is not an end but a beginning.

Thank you to all  for taking time to read the blogs authored by me the ghost blogger for ISG. It has been my great privilege to share my thoughts, knowledge on wellness and encouragement along with humor with you. As I move to my next challenge the words above could not be more true. On to my new beginning and see you on the web! Thank you ISG for giving me the opportunity to write for you.


Fathers Angsts…

Well beautiful people it’s that time again, time to celebrate dear old dad and all we do!  I am not going to resist the urge to use some of those socks for father dayage-old jokes related to father’s day gifts. For instance, the one billionth tie or pair of socks I’ve received still gives me the elation of number one. Remember too they were not only gifted  only for father’s day but Christmas, birthday etcetera.


Had I become a mathematician I certainly would have truly  loved to compute the sum total of socks, ties, hardware store gift cards, sporting goods, tools, belts, saws, nail guns, hair removal tools, for use in hair removal from areas in the oddest of places. Who can forget soap on a rope, body oils, cologne, shaving kits and the like? Then there are the meals, breakfast, lunches, dinner, BBQ’s yep lots and lots of food! dad rocks father pic

When our children our young we are blessed with their creativity delivered straight from the heart in the purest expressions of their love through beautiful lumps of clay handprints or the universal ashtrays, heart shapes just endless, paper mache whatchamabobs, portraits of dear old dad or my body parts laid out in macaroni on a plate. Even framed portraits of colorful construction paper in a cut out “likeness” image of me, pipe cleaner masterpieces rivaled only by the great pyramid builders or  other artisans! Then the new wears off, and the onslaught of gift cards take-over with help from the other parent. Such lovelies as lawn mower attachments, new hammers with lovely fluffy ribbons, and the promise of “this is your day Dad!” I’m supposed to believe this day is for my rejuvenation?

Uh hmmfather's day gift card picm never have I witnessed a saw, saw by itself, or wall paper take itself down or even a drill sink a screw alone! Yes folks we have been sold a dream. Power tools and hardware gift cards do not say rest and relaxation at all! Then there are the, “you are great dad,” gifts that somehow still involve movement formally referred to as exercise! You guessed it,  work out gear, sneakers that say running, free weights that say lift me, work out videos because great now means I’m as big as a table saw from all the lunches and in need of reduction, remodeling, renovation or just plain old work.

Dear old dad continually is in quest for his easy chair, which by the way no one has ever seen it fit to gift me EVER. Yes dads we are the glue, the back bone of our little broods and the “yard man”, “fix it guy,” “pro athlete” and we would not have it any other way! It’s great to be needed and loved, a sock could never have meant more ever. Happy Father’s to all of you fortunate enough to receive socks and power tools!

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Here we go… What does the word notorious, you know the word up there ^, conjure up in your psyche’?

For me phrases like, “she/he is notorious for doing….they are notoriously coming up ….all negative. I had to challenge myself to re-acquaint ‘me’ with the word in the positive.  The definition of the word  is, ‘generally known and talked of’. What causes a person or circumstance to fit this conundrum? I use that word because you have to perform some pretty amazing feats of behavior to be well-known for it AND widely talked about. Clearly, problematic or inflammatory in some sort of fashion.

Well I would like to be well-known as humorous, tall thin, good-looking! Maybe a great cook, or gardener that is good looking, tall and thin. How about an excellent writer/blogger that is tall, thin, execellent cook, humorous and really really good looking?

I see a theme emerging. The really good-looking part? No, too obvious. More like the humorous wannabe I am too striving for. To be well-known as a person quick to talk about humor, joys of life would be a great rep I’d gladly cop. Hmm this word has all types of shady adjectives (smiling to myself) conflicting with my attempt to convey my new association with Notoriousness as  becoming positive. I bet when you saw the word you thought of gangsters and all that is associated with them.  Descriptive words like cop, rep solidify this ideal. This may prove to be more difficult than first imagined.

I may have to settle for a blog that becomes notoriously negative on attempting to be positively notorious.

Signed by our ghost writer for Imani’s Secret Garden, VG. ISG is a business committed to life, love, and wellness ( ). Our ghost writer hopes you had a great laugh and that they will become what they dream of….















Breathe well and you will find your Middle Ground. I love to breathe! Its what attracted me to yoga and keeps me passionate about how yoga and mindfulness can transform us. Without breathing fully, our yoga practice becomes simply a workout. Rather than calming the mind and soothing the body it can have the opposite […]

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Perhaps you’ve been told you have “high blood pressure.” Or maybe you checked it yourself one day and noticed that it was 146/90. What now? Today I will discuss some ways in which you can improve your own blood pressure without taking medications. But before I do, let’s first answer an important question: What is hypertension and what’s the big deal?…

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What Does Normal Mean For You?

Scenario: You go into the medical office with health complaints. The practitioner orders lab tests, and prescribes medical treatment based on your results. Some of your complaints continue. But all your labs values are “normal,” how can that be? Who determines “normal,” and what exactly does that mean?

You will be surprised to learn that lab value normals are established independently of individual exams but through most laboratories establishing their reference ranges from a large population of people where detailed information on health status, stage of life (premenopausal vs. postmenopausal), and medications and hormones used is unknown, and therefore not taken into account. So is YOUR “normal” the real normal? Shocking isn’t it?

Wellness medicine is the new, old frontier. Practitioners can now integrate diagnostic tools with “old world” remedies and knowledge of natural medicine, combining this with nutritional counseling and herb therapy. The results are amazing in maintaining healthy bodies!

Natural medicine practice is at the basis that your normal is your normal. Testing involves most often saliva sampling at different intervals, muscle electro energy testing for evaluating how the body manages stress as opposed to looking at just deficiencies in blood or urine. Meaning the deficiencies present are not necessarily the beginning and end of the “dis-ease” of the body but a part of the full picture.

One example is the body’s use of hormones. Women’s bodies need progesterone for the mind to focus and calm anxiety. Post menopausal women naturally have lower levels and post hysterectomy (ovary and uterus removal) women have nearly none. It is common to see pre and post menopausal women prescribed drugs to calm anxiety, insomnia and depression. The current western medicine supports this because hormone levels in the blood are low and modern medicine is aware of changes in the reproductive cycle with aging thus supplement the deficiency only . But what if the horomone was replaced, or balanced naturally allowing the body to heal itself? This is possible with the guidance of a skilled practitioner and nutritional counseling, along with your willingness to determine what is right for your body type. There are varied responses to herbs and lifestyle changes requiring individual buy-in to ensure you receive the full benefit of returning your body to good health. Now we are encouraging you to do the research to find a practitioner and begin the conversation as to how you can use the earth to be healthier. To our example of hormonal changes in women, avoiding foods and herbs that increase estrogen production in your body is one simple way to balance low progesterone, there are many others.

The emergence of nutraceuticals is also a great way of balancing the body. It is interesting to note that each blood type has been proven to process nutrients differently. I told my mom that beets and me just were not compatible…thank goodness she knew best and ignored the manipulation of a kid not wanting to eat their vegetables. But, seriously, there are specifics that a reputatable wellness healthcare practitioner, or integrated medical professional can guide you through. So don’t be content with “normal” lab values and ranges not based on your specific body type and health needs. Seek more intimate knowledge about your body’s needs beyond deficiencies. By taking the integrated medical approach you will find balance and YOUR NORMAL!

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